Friendly faces, honesty, and a pain-free experience are what you can expect every time you visit the Mountlake Terrace dental office of Clark W. Redd, DDS. Our passion is to serve you and your smile while ultimately creating an environment that is safe, free from judgement and dare we say… fun!

Our Philosophy

Dr. Redd maintains a patient-centered philosophy. He believes that you should have every opportunity to achieve a healthy and functional smile.

However, he also knows that each patient has their own unique set of circumstances, goals, and desires. Therefore, Dr. Redd will customize a treatment plan based on four patient-centered principals.

Health and Safety – Before anything can be done, proper diagnosis and treatment of issues that can directly impact your overall health and safety will be addressed.

Goals and Desires – Once your health and safety issues are addressed, Dr. Redd will consult with you about your goals and desires, anything you wish you could change about your smile.

Financial and Insurance – Dr. Redd will work within your financial and insurance capacities.

Phased Approach – Finally, Dr. Redd will consider all of the above factors and then put together a phased approach treatment plan to accommodate all of your needs.

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